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We would be delighted to manufacturer a can/cans for you and we look forward to receiving your further instructions. We would mention that all our hand-made copper cans carry the craftsman's initials and year of manufacture.

The crafted hand-made copper Guernsey Milk Cans listed below are all tin-lined and can be used for containing Milk, Cream or other Liquids. They are polished to a lustrous finish and the history of Guernsey cans is provided with each can sold. The Tankards/Measures are also tin-lined. Machine-made cans are also available.

Bracelets and Bangles
See Payment Methods and Contact Adresses below. The prices of Bracelets and Bangles exclude packaging and postage. Postal charges are subject to current UK rates. The cost of delivery can be advised on request. When ordering, please state the item code. A few items are available in larger sizes; where available, this should be stated if the larger size is required.


(Note: All cans are supplied without the "Guernsey Crest" (see pictures on Home page). If required, a crest can be applied to any hand-made copper can or copper machine-made can for £3.00.

All cans and tankards prices exclude packing and postage (plus a documentation charge for destinations outside the UK) which will be charged additionally. On ordering, we will be able to advise you of the packing and postage charge (and documentation charge if appropriate) which will vary and is dependent on quantity, size of can/tankard and its weight, and final world-wide destination. Cans and tankards to be sent to UK destinations only will attract UK VAT which will be charged additionally at the current rate.

Copper Cans (hand made by craftsman)

    The Guernsey measure is known as a "pot", which has a content of four pints (imperial). The cans are made in 15 different sizes as shown below (heights are approximate):

(Note: £=Pound Sterling or GBP)

  Single Cans (hand made and tin-lined)
    Half-pint (0.28 litres - Ht. 135 mm) £74.00 Convert Currency
    1 Pint (0.57 litres - Ht. 155 mm) £79.00 Convert Currency
    1½ Pint (0.85 litres - Ht. approx 175 mm) £83.00 Convert Currency

Crest depicting States of
Guernsey's Coat of Arms

    2 Pint (1.14 litres - Ht. 195 mm) £89.00 Convert Currency
    3 Pint (1.70 litres - Ht. 215 mm) £99.00 Convert Currency
    4 Pint (2.27 litres - Ht. 235 mm) £109.00 Convert Currency
    6 Pint (3.40 litres - Ht. 275 mm) £170.00 Convert Currency
    8 Pint or 2 Pot (4.55 litres - Ht. 305 mm) £200.00 Convert Currency
    3 Pot (6.82 litres - Ht. 330 mm) £390.00 Convert Currency
    4 Pot (9.09 litres - Ht. 355 mm ) £440.00 Convert Currency
    5 Pot (11.37 litres - Ht. 380 mm) £490.00 Convert Currency
    6 Pot (13.64 litres - Ht. 410 mm) £540.00 Convert Currency
    7 Pot (15.91 litres) £590.00 Convert Currency
    8 Pot (18.19 litres) £640.00 Convert Currency
    10 Pot (22.73 litres) £690.00 Convert Currency

Copper Cans (machine-made without tin lining)

    Single Cans
      1/8th (0.07 litres - Ht. 70 mm) £32.95 Convert Currency
      Half-Pint (0.28 litres - Ht. 135 mm) £38.95 Convert Currency
      1 Pint (0.57 litres - Ht. 155 mm) £44.95 Convert Currency

Copper Tankards/Measures (hand made by craftsman)

      Single Tankards/Measures (hand made)  
      1/8th Pint (0.07 litres - Ht. 48 mm) £32.00 Convert Currency
      1/4 Pint (0.14 litres - Ht. 57 mm) £37.00 Convert Currency
      1/2 Pint (0.28 litres - Ht. approx 135 mm) £43.00 Convert Currency
      1 Pint (0.57 litres - Ht. 155 mm) £49.00 Convert Currency
      1½ Pint (0.85 litres - Ht. approx 175 mm) £55.00 Convert Currency
      2 Pint (1.14 litres - Ht. 195 mm) £61.00 Convert Currency




Bank to Bank (BACS) payments
Customers will need to arrange this through their own bank. Please phone or email us for our bank details (UK and International ( IBAN )). All charges for such payments are to be paid by the customer.

Credit/Debit Card payments

Please phone or email us (see contact details below) with your card details to include: name on card, 16-digit card number, date of expiry, 3-digit security number (on reverse of card). Please also provide your full address when ordering.
The transaction receipt will be despatched with your ordered goods (see our Privacy Statement above).


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