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At our shop at Saumarez Manor, St Martins, Guernsey, we stock Lawrence Butler magnetic and non-magnetic copper bracelets, bangles and torques. These are of the highest quality and handcrafted in Cornwall, and the magnetic bracelets employ strong Neodymium magnets. Each magnetic bracelet is fitted with two Neodymium magnets giving a measurement of 1700 gauss adding the benefits of magnetic therapy to the age old copper remedy.

These magnetic properties are combined into many of our bracelets, bangles and torques which not only provide a natural therapy but also are beautiful pieces of jewellery in their own right.

The use of copper bracelets for the treatment of arthritis has existed for thousands of years, and it's one of the oldest treatments for the condition still existing today. In Ancient Greece, the use of copper bracelets was recorded to relieve aches and pains, similar to arthritis. It is a widely debated subject, but those who have experienced the healing benfits of copper bracelets for their arthritis claim that the benefits are too strong to be denied.


In 2022, Guernsey Cans (Coppersmiths) introduced a range of 22ct Gold-Plated Chain Necklaces with a large range of different designs at a competitive price of £24.95. A selection is shown below but the full range can be viewed in our showroom.

Selection and Ordering

Our range of jewellery can be seen below and can be ordered direct from us by contacting us at the address/numbers shown on our Ordering page which also shows acceptable methods of payment, or email us at to check availability. Alternatively, come and visit us at our shop at Sausmarez Manor, St Martins, Guernsey (Shop Opening Hours) where we have stocks of each type of jewellery. If any item is out of stock, we can normally obtain one for you within 7 - 10 days.

* Postal charges subject to current UK rates. The cost of delivery to other locations can be advised on request. When ordering, please state the item code.

The full range of jewellery of each type can be seen by clicking on the appropriate blue link below. The ordering number is shown below the image of the item in each case.

by Lawrence Butler

Magnetic & Non-Magnetic Copper Bracelets / Bangles / Torques

Non-magnetic - £19.95* each.
Magnetic - £22.95* each.

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